Welcome to My Paradise Completed, a story of Hawaii, of Love, of the trials and tribulations so common to many families.

This is our family archive of content surrounding the lives of Marcus and Leilani Klein. They were two individuals from opposite ends of the earth, who were brought together during the turmoil leading up to World War II. Their early years together found them surviving the attack on Pearl Harbor, Submarine war patrols in the South Pacific and World War II…and on to life and the start of a family in post war Honolulu.

Much of this period was captured in 8 mm film, thousands of photos, audio and video (both beta and VHS).

The family is working to  gather more information and will be updating the blog on a regular basis.


  1. David Hadaller

    Quite the blog here. I started reading because I was a kid living with my Navy Dad and Mom in enlisted housing from Jan 1958 to June 1959. Is this story still being updated?

    • Hi David, I add to it when I get ambitious 🙂 I haven’t added anything in a while, but I have lots of photos and items from the Islands when we lived there and my goal is to write and publish as I move into retirement.

      • David Hadaller

        Checking in again since last I wrote a note. we lived in NAH1 until June 1959 but Dad was reassigned to Hawaii 1961-65 and again 1969-71. So we lived i Hawaii three times as a Navy family and eventually my folks retired on the Big Island near Hilo. Dad still lives there to this day and is turning 88! I am in the process of digitizing my Dad’s hawaii 8mm movies so I can pass them a;ong to my boys. I liked browsing your pages quite a bit. David

      • Hi David,
        We left Honolulu in 1961-64 for duty in Norfolk on the staff of ComSublant. We moved to San Diego, where my dad finished his career, in 1964.

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