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Pearl Harbor Day – A Family Story

These are the stories of my childhood, and the words of my father…From Pop’s firsthand account of December 7, 1941… “The USS Honolulu started backing out and they dropped this 500 pound bomb thru the deck and it split the seams so she never got out. Some ships got out, I don’t know which ones …

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Growing up in Post War Pearl Harbor in the 1950s

Pop remained in the Navy and he and Mom remained in the Islands after the War. I was born in 1949 at Aeia Naval Hospital. In 1952 Pop was transferred to the USS Nereus in San Diego, where we lived until 1956, when our family was transferred back to Pearl Harbor after a 4 year tour of …

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After the Attack, Sub School, and Submarine War Patrols in the South Pacific…Interview with a Survivor

I interviewed Pop about 25 years ago and asked him questions about December 7, 1941, and about his World War II Experience, especially Submarine War Patrols in the South Pacific. His descriptive, first hand account of the attack on Pearl Harbor…From the moment he realized we were under attack, is chilling. I had heard many …

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