January 1…Uncle Red and Aunt Babe

Red Thompson and his wife Babe lived in an apartment somewhere in the “Macully” district, outside Waikiki.

“Uncle Red” and “Aunt Babe” were friends and shipmates of mom and pop from during and after WW II. Uncle Red was a retired Chief (or maybe a Warrantr Officer), and his birthday was January 1.

New Years Day in 1956, 57, 58, and 59 were spent visting the Thompsons…on Uncle Red’s birthday.

Back in those days, everyone had fireworks, and on New Years Morning there were always lots of unexploded “cracker balls” and fire crackers…and many firecrackers with no fuse…which could be broken in half to light the gunpowder inside…a great pass time for a 7 and 4 year old…and of course, we were not allowed to do this…which we did none the less 🙂

One New Year’s Day, Aunt Babe gave us a collection of about 16 children’s classic books. The first books Debbie and I ever had, all to ourselves…except the Blue Jackets Manual Dad had given me when I was about 4.

Debbie and I were fortunate to be raised in the company of many of the Greatest Generation.

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